Hello, I am Mike Elliott
2020 candidate for Director,
Orange County Water District
Division 6

I lost the election.
Congratulations to my opponent, Cathy Green

I received 43,506 votes. Thank you to those who voted for me.

I raised just over $1,000 for my campaign.
My opponent raised over $13,000.

Additionally, Poseidon Water spent over $70,000 in support of Ms. Green.

My votes cost, on average, about 2½ cents each.
My opponent's votes cost, on average, about $1.25 each.

There was an Orange County Register article which gave a nice overview of Poseidon Water's influence on the election, which you can read here.

Again, thanks to those of you who voted for me!
Feel free to contact me at mre@oc-water.com.